Meet Our Founder/Owner

J-Vee (jay-v)

CEO (Audio Engineer, Artist and producer)

Joshua “J-Vee” Vitalis was born in St.lucia and raised in Orlando fl from the age of 8. He moved to Charlotte in 2013 in hopes having a bright future. With 15 years of experience in the music industry from song writing, producing, audio engineering to visual director, he decided to follow his dreams of becoming an audio engineer. Unlike some music is his passion, not a learned trade. If you are looking for an audio engineer that will take your music to the next level, J-Vee is your guy to get the job done. Let’s network and build together. Follow my instagram, check out my calendar, book your next session!


J-Vee strives for prestigious quality. To ensure that he keeps up to his standards he pushes that extra mile with his late night and early morning grind. There is nothing better than an engineer that refuses to provide his clients with anything less than quality music. When you think of G-Spot studio, think quality!


G Spot Music Studio Making Ground

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